Dawes Galaxy

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Richard's Bicycle Book recommended the Dawes Galaxy as an affordable tourer back in the early 1970's.  Main tubes are unbutted Reynolds 531.

Drive train.  Stronglight crank is original. I replaced the broken Simplex deraileurs with Campy stuff (rear is a Gran Turismo boat anchor).
Untimely change is the six speed freewheel 14-34.

  Love those engraved GB bars

  Head shot

Much better lug brazing than my other Dawes.  This one has a gold badge while the other has silver trim.  Funny little hickup on the lower lug.

Stickers still on the front wheel

  That's a "Jim Blackburn" rack, one of the early Blackburns.

Brooks B-15 saddle

Original bar end plugs.  "DAWES - BULBHOLDER INSIDE"

"Skippy" the "new" Dawes Galaxy with My old Dawes Galaxy tourer.