Fix that "Blown" Speaker

I've never blown a speaker myself, but always wondered at the flopping cones I've seen on used and junk speakers. At the last big trash pickup, I saw a beautiful set of Boston Acoustics A70 speakers with flopping cones.  I thought they might be worth reconeing, so I picked them up and brought them home.

I found out two things researching speakers. The better speakers have a foam surround to make them more responsive.  After a long time, the foam gives up, and that's what I saw as blown speakers.  I also found that the reason MY speakers had never had that happen is that they weren't good enough to have that surround.

Refoaming a speaker professionally is only about half of having the speaker completely reconed.  But seemed a lot easier, and kits and supplies are available!

Somebody took good care of these, but they weren't speakers anymore!

That's what they look like out of the cabinet.  I was surprised to find they were late 1982 manufacture.

Here's almost half way through the process.  I've already replaced the surround on the right, and the one on the left is cleaned up and ready to repair.

Shows the glue on the speaker and surround.  Also the awful mess that you make.

Back together and sounding good.  I could do it quicker and better next time.

I'm not trying to show all the steps of replacing the surround, just that it can be done.  Took about $20 and a couple of hours work.
I got my kit from and it included all the parts, most of the supplies, and both written and video instructions.  The video was just like having a buddy over to the house to walk you through it the first time!