Bibliography of Kichline Resources


Abstracts of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1685-1785, Family Line Publications, Westminster, Maryland, 1995.

Boatner, Mark Mayo III, "Encyclopedia of the American Revolution." New York: David McKay Co., 1966. Detailled account of the Battle of Long Island and Peter Kichline's part in the battle.

Cathline, Ralph B. "The Keithlines in U.S. & Canada", 1980. Chronicles the saga of Philip KEITHLAND's move from the U.S. to Canada after being charged for being a Loyalist in New Jersey.

Davis, W.W.H. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, From the Discovery of the Delaware to the Present Time. Doylestown, Pennsylvania: Democrat Book and Job Office Print, 1876.

Eyerman, John, "The Old Grave-Yards of Northampton and Adjacent Counties in the State of Pennsylvania", vol. 1, Easton, PA, 1899

ibid., The Ancestors of Marguerite Eyerman: A Study in Genealogy. Originally published 1898. Easton, Pennsylvania: Free Press Book and Job Printing. LDS Film #1486616, items 10 & 11.

Hansel, Ruth Elizabeth Willis. Kachlines, Keichlines, Keithlines and Kichlines. approx. 1986. LDS Film #1321169 Item 7, book call #929.273/K113h (Salt Lake City). Copy also available in Marx genealogy room in Easton, Pennsylvania. 33 additional pages compiled but not filmed in possession of Carrie Bodensteiner. Hansel used an extensive list of sources for her impressive compilation of Kichline descendants.

Hart, Marian R. Supplement to the Kichlines in America by Thomas Jefferson Kichline. Booklet, 1926. LDS Film #0172985 Item 2. Gives particular emphasis to the descendants of Charles.

Jones, E. Alfred, ed. From "Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society, Vol. X: The Loyalists of New Jersey".

Kichline, Thomas Jefferson. The Kichlines in America. Read before the Northampton County Historical Society at Easton, Pennsylvania, January 15, 1926. LDS Film #0172985 Items 1 & 2. Includes newspaper clippings concerning the family.

Kieffer, Henry Martyn. Some of the First Settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and Their Descendants. Subtitiled Being a Translation from the German of the Record Books of the First Reformed Church of Easton, Penna., from 1760 to 1852.1902, reprinted 1995, Heritage Books, Bowie MD. ISBN #0-7884-0313-3. LDS Film #1305958 Item 6; original manuscript filmed on LDS Film #1671302 Item 2.

Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania, Published by the State. Harrisburg: Theo. Penn & Co., 1852.

  • Vol. IX, p. 198-199, 285-286, 333, 688, 710-713 (deposition), 731-732, 778-779 (Peter Kachlein/Kechlein)
  • Vol. X, p. 100, 155-156, 210-211, 270, 502-503, 675, 729 (Peter & Andrew Kachlein)
  • Vol. XI, p. 20-21, 36, 150, 329-330, 393, 423-424, 499-500 (Andrew Kichlein)
  • Vol. XII, p. 136-137, 297-298, 313-314, 317-318, 509-510 (Charles, Andrew, Peter, Abraham Kachlein)
  • Vol. XIII, p. 82-83, 84-86, 111-113 (Andrew, Charles Kachlein)
  • Vol. XIV, p. 8-10, 23 (Peter Kichline)

  • Vol. XV, p. 247-248 (Peter Kichlein)
    Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Harrisburg Publishing Company, State Printer, 1906, ed. Thomas Lynch Montgomery.
    Volume VIII, pages 132, 133, 140, 141, 179, 371 (Associators and Militia, County of Northampton)

    Pennsylvania German Church Records of Births, Baptisms, Burials, etc. ed. Don Yoder. Pennsylvania-German Society: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1983, in 3 volumes. ISBN 0-8063-1017-0 (set). See esp. vol. 3, Tohickon Reformed Congregation in Bedminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (originally published in 1925 in Volume XXXI of The Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings). Hansel also refers to LDS Film #192632

    Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 33, 1909, p. 255-256. This article mentions Peter Kichline.

    Rupp, I. Daniel, A Collection of Upwards of 30,000 Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776. Philadelphia: Leary, Stuart & Co., 1898. The older source for immigration records, Rupp lists the passengers of the Francis and Elizabeth in 1742. 

    Stout, John Joseph, Haverford College, 1933,"The German Press in Pennsylvania and the American Revolution", printed in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol 54, 1935.

    Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. 1, Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, Pennsylvania: 1934. This is considered the more reliable source for ships' passengers. Passengers of the Francis and Elizabeth are listed on p. 329. 

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