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Welcome to the genealogy page for everyone interested in KICHLINE and related families.  
The Original Immigrants

There are three main lines of KICHLINES in the U.S., as far as has been determined.
 The largest line descends from Johann Andreas KUECHLINE (1679/80-1728), who died in the old country, and whose three sons
Peter KICHLINE (1722-1789),
 Charles KICHLEIN (c1726-1788),
and Andrew KACHLINE (1728-1781)
 came to the U.S. with their mother and stepfather, Michael KOPPELGER, on the ship Francis and Elizabeth. The family settled in Pennsylvania, in what are now Bucks and Northampton Counties. Genealogists usually refer to one of the three brothers in discussing lineage.

 The second line descends from another Andrew,
 Andreas KUECHLINE (1755-1826),
 who settled in the Schoenerville area of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. So far, many have speculated about but none have proven Andrea's connection to the other line. So, at least for now, his descendants are kept separately from the others.

 The third line, known as the Canadian KATHLINEs, started with
Philip KEITHLAND (c1747- aft 1792),
 A Loyalist who moved from New Jersey to New Brunswick, Canada, it's quite possible that Philip is somehow related to the main line. 

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Various Spellings of KICHLINE
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