Kichline Crest

Ship List of the Francis and Elizabeth, 1742

From Thomas Jefferson Kichline:

 JOHANN ANDREAS KUECHLEIN, the father, died in Kuechheim, Bolanden, September 23, 1728, three months before the birth of the youngest son, and shortly thereafter his widow Margaret married Michael Koppleger of Koppelberger, whom, with her three surviving sons, she accompanied to Pennsylvania in 1742, in the good ship Francis and Elizabeth, male passengers include Michael Coppelger and John Peter Kuechlein, the oldest son. The other two sons being under sixteen were not required to qualify as subjects of the British Crown under the Act of the Penn. Assembly and therefore their names do not appear.


For general information about immigration during this period, see the Palatines to America page.
From: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. 1, pp. 329. by Ralph Beaver Strassburger; Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, Pennsylvania: 1934.

328 Pennsylvania German Pioneers
No. 149 (men)
74 1/2 (women)
223 1/2 Total

 [List 94C] At the Courthouse Philadelphia, Sept. 21st, 1742.

 Present: William Till & Robert Strettel, Esq.

 The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Francis & Elizabeth, George North, Master, from Roterdam, but last from Deal, did this day take the usual Qualifications to the Governmn, viz.,

Johann Friedrick Jollgo                    Johann Peter Waller
Michel Kolb                                Christian Gürd
Johann Henrich Stall                       Hans Michel Fohl
Christoph Adam Höbel                       Thomas Heunmeyr
Michael (II) Thesser                       Johann Godfried (x) Rieger
Johann Michel Waidele                      Johan Jörg Veith
Johanns (H) Withman                        Mich. Koppelger
Johan Jacob Holbein                        Johann Peter Köchlein
Uhllerich (O) Halber                       Johann Wielhem Werth
Johann Michal Kächster                     Jhan Niclaus Cuntz
Johann Henrch Ster                         Jacob Binder
Michel Plätscher                           Wilhelm Ruff
Jacob Geiger                               Marti Myer
Johannes Eckert                            Peter (x) Laaber
Peter (R) Rubel                            Hans Jerg Binder
Jacob (H) Klein                            Melcher Hirtzel
Friderich Kaufman                          Jonas Metzger
Hans Adam (x) Klem                         Hans (H) Georg Shenk
Ullrich Neuschwanger                       Matthäus Wend Nagel
Nicklaus (H) Walder                        Samuel (O) Wholgemuth
Christian (H) Newcomer                     Adam Seibert
Christian (H) Newcomer, Junior             Hans Jerg Knödler
Andreas Waltaich                           Hans Michel (H) Bouer
Christian Henrich                          Johann Mattheis Plantz
Conrad (H) Bassel                          Johanes Grob
Henry (K) Cerber                           Philip (H) Shleyhouff
Christoph Fruht Schmitt                    Rudoff Vallen Weitler
Jacob Schenck                              Hans George (X) Ruthy
Paulus Vater                               Andreas Heintz
Ludwig Jacob Friedburg                     Uhllerich (+) Ställy
Hanns Nicl North                           Jakob Guth
Johannes Schäfer                           John Adam (+) Heydrig
Conrat Gerhart                             John George (X) Faust
Hennerich Hirt                             Peter (+) Faust
Johann Adam Stam                           Johan Henry (+) Cressman
Johann Henrich Bengel                      Conrad Bloss
Johann Henrich Wolff                       Jacob Hauck
Johann Geörg Schüssler                     Joh. Peter Geckeler
Anton Faust                                Johannes Walther
Niclaus Röhrig                             Christoph Geiser
Nicolaus Gottschalk                        Jost (X) Fuchs
Martin Kirschner                           Henry (x) Miller
Peter Lam                                  Hans Jacob Huber
Adam (O) Odt, Junior                       Ludwig Huber
Adam (X) Ott, Senior                       Philip Diter (+) Huber
Conrad (x) Ott                             Johann Peter Köhler
Johannes Odt                               Gabriel Köhler
Johannes Reusswig                          Stephen Bopenmeier
Johannes Pedter Odt                        Jacob Sarbach
Johan Henrich Odt                          Abraham (A) Kolman
Johan Henrich Dressler                     Johann Michell Truckenmüller
Christian Rügner                           Ludwig (+) Shmaltzhaft
Leonhardt Michael Rügner                   Jorg Adam Müller
Johan Heinrich Ohl                         Hans Michael (HMK) Krafft
Johann Christian Hörner                    Christian (X) Dannewald
Johannes Weber                             Johann Henrich Schertz
Johanes (X) Bohne                          Jerg Schultz
Johan Jacob Bohne                          Carl Philipp Schultz
Christian Jotter                           Mose Binder
Jacob (X) Yoder                            Christian (X) Ecket
Christian Yoder                            Andreas Bachman
Fredri (K) Meyer                           Bernhart (+) Kober
Christian (+) Miller                       Melcher Schoner
Johanes Qnäg                               Hans Michael Doll
Mortiz Zug                                 Johann Michael Bucher
Christian Zug                              Abraham Groff
Johannes Gerber                            Johann Michael Seitz
Jacob Kurtz                                Johannes (+) Koohn
Johannes Zug                               Abraham Schmutz

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