Air Force Captain

Receives Discharge

Paul H. Bird

Former captain in the Air Forces
and a pilot in his own right, Paul H.
Bird, son of Mrs. Emma Little of
Rochester, was honorably discharged
from the service, and is now residing
with his wife, the former Miss mande
Nevin, at the Hotel Rochester.
Overseas for 22 months, he spent
18 months in the European Theater
of Operations with the Air Transport
Command, transporting material and
wounded in France, India, Russia,
italy and North Africa. For the last
four months, based at Hamilton
Field, San Francisco, Calif., he trans-
ported the wounded from Okinawa,
Midway, Guam and Manila.  Bird is
the holder of the European Theater
ribbon; Asiatic-Pacific Theater rib-
bon, with Air medal; Victory Medal
and American Theater ribbon.
Enlisting August 11, 1942, he
served with the Fourth Ferry Com-
mand prior to overseas duty for
which he was removed in May, 1943.
Bird, who has held the Civilian Gov-
ernment Pilot License since 1930,
trained at Dallas, Texas.
Employed by Despatch Shops pre-

They Have Both Been Promoted To Major

Major Lewis J. Partridge and Major Lawernce Schierk

Again two well known East Roch-
ester men are following parallel
careers in the U. S. Armed Forces.
Capt. Lewis J. Partridge, son of
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Partridge,
West Avenue, has been recently pro-
moted to Major at the Blytheville
Army Air Field, Blythville, Ark.
Major Partridge is Commanding
Office of Instrument Training Group
In the December 31, 1943 issue of
the 'Herald' was published the story
of the promotion the the rank of
major, of Capt. Lawrence Schick,
who formerly resided at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hewes, Elm
Street.  Major Schick is chief oper-
ations officer at Turner Field, Al-
bany, Ga.  Promotions have come to
both men at almost the same time
since their entry into service.

Lt. Hustleby Awarded

Bronze Star Medal

First Lieut. Donald E. Hustleby,
U. S. Infantry, was recently awarded
the Bronze Star medal.  The citation
reads in part: "...The Bronze Star
Medal is awarded ... First Lieutenant
Donald E. Hustleby ... for heroic
acheivement in Germany on 2 and 3
December 1944 in connection with
military operations against the en-
emy.  First Lieutenant Hustleby di-
rected and organized the evacuation
of wounded men of this organization
from the battlefield durring an attack
against the enemy.  First Lieutenant
Hustleby's effective and systematic
shuttle by use of vehicles enabled
medical aid men and litter bearers
perform with a maximum of efficien-
cy. His voluntary efforts in this hero-
ic action were greatly instrumental
in the speedy treatment of the wound-
ed  and undoubtedly saved many lives.
The courage, leadership and keen
judgement shown by First Lieutenant
Hustleby with utter disregard for
personal safety in the presence of in-
tense enemy fire reflect great credit
upon himself and the military serv-
Lieutenant Hustleby, who entered
service November 2, 1942, and went
overseas in September of last year,
is the husband of Mrs. Anne Hustle-
by, West Avenue.
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