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Welcome to the New Website!

After hosting in my basement for ten years, I've finally moved it over to for hosting, and am re-writing the website using DotNetNuke.  Stand by for more content, coming Real Soon Now.

What happened to the old

We experienced a catastrophe Wednesday, July 27, 2009.  Verizon cut off our DSL without notice while upgrading our cable internet access to Fios fiber, and will not restore it.  We've transferred our hosting and will be uploading gigabytes of content real soon now.  Also, kudos to Network Solutions, who was super helpful in transferring our DNS settings.
On the up side, Fios internet access is great, it's just doing business with them that's unpleasant.

What about my email?

If you have a email address, that has gone dead too.  I'm afraid that your filed contents will not be retrievable.  :-(
However, I will be happy to set up a new email for you.  Contact me (if you had email, you know my address) and I will get you fixed up.